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One-stop-destination to start and manage your business. Zervas & Associates Law firm provide the full range of services for your company startup in Greece. 


Our specialized department for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Investors provides legal services for New Business Set-up, Entrepreneurial Support, General Counsel Support and Business Contract Dispute Litigation.







New Business Set-Up - Company establishment:  

  • Business Entity selection and formation.
  • Drafting foundation and formation documents of the company. 
  • Assistance before Tax Authorities, before state to obtain the necessary permits and licences, assistance in bank to open a bank account.
  • Non-profit organizations.


Entrepreneurial Support:

  • Contract Negotiation and Review.
  • Business Plan development.
  • Strategic Review and Assessment - Strategy consultation.
  • Business Litigation and Arbitration.



  • Consultations regarding national and international registration of trademarks, use of executive rights, sale, transfer of trademark.
  • Trademark research and registration.
  • Representation in Patent Office.
  • Representation and protection regarding the cancellation of trademark's registration and prohibition to use the trademark.


Agreements, Contracts and Corporate Governance:

  • Purchase agreements, pledge agreements, lease agreements, loan agreements, allowance agreements, contractor agreements, transport agreement, commission agreements, labour agreements - contracts with vendors, suppliers or distibrutors, non disclosure agreements, contracts with conctractors or service organizations.
  • Non-commercial activity agreements (eg. amicable agreements)
  • Acceptance statements, payment schedules, plans, specifications, technical assignments, arrangements, commercial offers, letters of claim, objections, warnings, notifications, statements and agreements on termination, alteration and supplementation, as well as any other documents.
  • Consultations regarding amendments, violation, termination, validity, legality or interpretation of the above-mentioned documents.
  • Development of concepts and schemes aimed at protecting client’s interests regarding the performance and termination of the agreement.
  • Representation of the client and protection of his interests regarding the conclusion, performance and termination of the agreement, participation in negotiations.


Additional services:

  • Internet Advice and Website contracts.
  • Office space leases or subleases.
  • Stock Options.
  • Accounting services.
  • Executive Compensation Plans.
  • Deal support services.
  • Corporate transactions.
  • Franchise.


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