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Zervas and Associates

‘Zervas and Associates’ was founded in 1981 by Theodoros Zervas.  A pioneering law firm, praised for its legal services, ‘Zervas and Associates’ has played a leading role in shaping today’s practice of law on the judicial front, and modern practice on corporate matters involving high-profile Greek, as well as EU companies.  Its presence has expanded geographically to include offices in Athens and Cyprus, and features a dynamic team of attorneys, consultants, economists and engineers.  A leading advisor on economic and business matters, our law firm engages in today’s cutting-edge activities, handling a large volume of cross-border transactions and providing our clients with unparalleled legal services as we handle each case with the utmost diligence and commitment. 

What makes us unique:

-          Our highly educated lawyers and associates with excellent theoretical background.

-          Our spectacular team spirit, as reflected in collaborative cases.

-          The very structure of the firm, run by a single person-the founder, provides it with flexibility.

-          Our optimal working environment and our high level working conditions.

-          Our vast network of associates, professionals and consultants employed in order to cover all aspects of the assigned tasks with              uncompromising quality, completeness and expertise.

-          Our reliability and speed in the provision of our services.

-          The continuous monitoring of all current changes in legal, economic, political and commercial level.

-          Our unique capacity to indicate the most appropriate route for the thriving of the aspirations of our clients.


Theodoros Zervas

Theodoros Zervas was born on February, 22nd, 1956.  A graduate of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, he is the founder of Zervas and Associates.His litigation expertise and oral advocacy skills have rightfully earned him a strong reputation and a place amongst the top lawyers in Greece.  He amongst the top lawyers in Greece.  He single-handedly oversees each and every case, working in collaboration with each client to ensure a healthy and efficient co-operation that ultimately leads to great outcomes.